Thursday, March 13, 2008

lauren 2: Surf Industry

1. What are the dominant brands?
- Billabong
- Rip Curl
- Quicksilver

2. What are the alternative, less known or more obscure brands? 
- Hoven
- Glas
- Xcel


3. What visual identity do the above brands use? 
All successful brands have a better visual identity and a more appealing and unique look that catches the eye.
Unlike the other brands that are not as successfu
l do not seem as unique or individual.

4. How does their logo reflect 
their personality and product? 
Logos reflect 
their personality and product through imagery 
and individualtiy. 

5. Who is their target market? are they successful?
Surf Logos and brands are usually targeted
 at people from young teens through to young 
adults and are very successful in achieving this.

6. What are your favourite brands? Why?
My favourite brands are brands which are successfu
l and good quality at the same time. Mostly clothing 
brands such as: billabong, roxy, volcom, tiger lily,
 and also street brands are all good quality,
 long lasting, comfertable and appealing.

7. What are your least favourite brands? Why?
Least favourite brands: brands which rip you off,
 bad quality and not successful.

8. What are your favourite examples of branding and why?
some favourite examples of branding are
brands such as Tiger lily, although it is 
quite expensive it is worth everything you pay for.

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