Thursday, March 27, 2008


Surf culture

My aim is to attract the surfing culture.  
My brand will target males from the age of 16-30,
It will range from retro style clothing eg. v-neck t's, hoodie t's, plain t's, singlets, cardigans, shorts, boardies,  jeans, hats, belts to... eye wear.
It will be a retro surf s
ort of brand from the 60's but at the same time classy and neat.
I want to keep the brand name simple but the clothing stylish. The clothing will be comfortable and a tighter fit with a casual look using cotton
 knits. Plain t'ees w
ith one cool colour print. Simple designs using typo graphic branding and simbols eg. crosses, shapes repeated on a grid evenly. Black and white patterns with a cool coloured logo. The boardies will be like the rythm boardies in the way that the length is a bit shorter, I like them because they are alot easier to surf in and are comfortable to wear, also cooler. The stores general pants co. and universal inspired me to choose this target market. 

Colour pallet list:
  • black
  • white
  • light blue
  • light green
  • yellow
  • orange
  • grey

Existing brands that are similar:
  • Lee, Rythm, Nixon, Insight, Von Zipper.

Methods of selling:
  • Retail stores
  • internet website                   
Methods of promotion:
  • Sponsorship of free surfers, competitive surfers
  • posters
  • stickers
  • internet website
  • brochures
  • surf magazines eg. surfing life
  • Roam
  • Turn
  • Complete
  • Trans


Lauren said...

my favourite name is Roam i think it has the potential for a good and classy brand.

my least favourite is Trans it doesnt really suit the clothing style your aiming for.

you should include animals or pictures on your t- shirts and jumpers like some of the designs on the General pants website!

stacy said...

what about form , transit, time wander

dave said...

i reckon roam is good i also like your inspiration from ya preferred companies too!

not a real fan of trans
im sure you will come up with some great designs!

stacy said...

seeing roam clothing already taken consider roam wear or ware.... where?