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Surf culture

My aim is to attract the surfing culture.  
My brand will target males from the age of 16-30,
It will range from retro style clothing eg. v-neck t's, hoodie t's, plain t's, singlets, cardigans, shorts, boardies,  jeans, hats, belts to... eye wear.
It will be a retro surf s
ort of brand from the 60's but at the same time classy and neat.
I want to keep the brand name simple but the clothing stylish. The clothing will be comfortable and a tighter fit with a casual look using cotton
 knits. Plain t'ees w
ith one cool colour print. Simple designs using typo graphic branding and simbols eg. crosses, shapes repeated on a grid evenly. Black and white patterns with a cool coloured logo. The boardies will be like the rythm boardies in the way that the length is a bit shorter, I like them because they are alot easier to surf in and are comfortable to wear, also cooler. The stores general pants co. and universal inspired me to choose this target market. 

Colour pallet list:
  • black
  • white
  • light blue
  • light green
  • yellow
  • orange
  • grey

Existing brands that are similar:
  • Lee, Rythm, Nixon, Insight, Von Zipper.

Methods of selling:
  • Retail stores
  • internet website                   
Methods of promotion:
  • Sponsorship of free surfers, competitive surfers
  • posters
  • stickers
  • internet website
  • brochures
  • surf magazines eg. surfing life
  • Roam
  • Turn
  • Complete
  • Trans

anna. 3

        I want my brand to appeal to females in the 18 to 30 age group. My brand will feel unique, pretty, clean, fresh, innocent, and playful. The subculture I am focusing on is surf wear that’s beautiful, casual and comfortable and it will be for both summer and winter.

Although I have chosen surf wear I don’t want my brand to be the typical surf brand that is around at the moment. I want my surf brand to have quality about it, in the fabrics used, the cuts and the overall look will have a higher quality about it for the same price as the current surf brands. My brand will be setting trends and not following them like the surf brands at the moment are doing. I want the women wearing this brand to feel beautiful, pretty and sexy but look sophisticated and inspiring.               The influences I am drawing from are history, beauty,  current social/political issues, comfort  from product and art.

       Environmental issues are a concern, organic materials will be used as much as possible in the manufacturing of the clothes.

Such as organic fabrics.      

I want to address current social issues. The right of free speech, feeling and non conformists. Sort of embrace the things that conservative Australia frown upon. My brand will be socially aware of things happening in the world around it not just that’s relevant to the surf industry. Eg. The current trend in the surf industry is being aware of the environment manly the oceans and sea life. I think that that’s great and relevant to the surf industry but there are so many other issues that can be addressed such as freedom of speech, human rights and power to the minorities. I want to address these issues but I don’t want to do it screaming and waving a flag, I want it to be subtle but still noticeable. 

Colours I will be using will mostly be black gray and white. But I want to use most colours.

        Anywhere local will be my first distribution spot. My method of selling will be at local markets, as well as approaching small boutiques and showing them samples of my clothes. Trying to get the word around locally first then expanding to as large as possible.



Once upon a time

Get fancy

For keeps

Secrets from sisters

Hush hush

Secrets from (insert name eg. Emilio, Sophie)


Lauren-What's Your Brand?

Street Surf

My aim is to create a brand that covers street and surf wear in the one.
I want my Brand to be appealing, neat, happy, simple, unique, different, random
and fashionable. 

Age Group: 
  • 15- late 20's.
  • Female
  • Summer (shirts, Singlets, Skirts, dresses & Hats)  
  • Winter ( Jeans, Beanies, scarfs, jackets, vests, cardigans)

Personality of the street surf wear:
  • Bright and pale colours.
  • Unique
  • Unusual
  • Simple yet not simple
  • Loud
  • Appealing
  • Fashionable
  • Noticeable 
  • Stripes
  • patterns
  • cotton
  • checkered
  • symbols
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Aqua
  • Pink
  • White
  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow

Method of Selling:
  • Internet sites
  • Personal wear
  • Stores
  • Magazines 
Methods of Promotion:
  • Posters
  • Brochures 
  • Magazines
  • Internet sites
Possible names:
  • Oh
  • oh boy
  • Reverse
  • Trap
  • Drool
  • No
  • Yes
  • Nu
  • Near
  • Far
  • Peg
  • Glass
  • Freakazoid
  • Trapazoid
  • Glassy
  • Tie
  • Tidy
  • Harmonica
  • Knot
  • hand
  • puppet
  • tear
  • stain
  • drop
  • tearable
  • berry
  • skinny
Brands Most Similar:
  • Insight
  • One TeaSpoon
  • Miss Sixty
  • Stussy
  • Lee

gabrielle 3

Surfing will be the subculture that ill be working with. Females from the ages of 18 to 25. The season that I want is autumn still warm but a touch cool. The influence is the strong, warrior woman . A look that make girls feel stong, but in a feminine beautiful way and will accentuate the body without giving it a trashy look. i want a natural feel with earthy tones.
The concerns of the environment like logging and cleans seas will be a couple of issues that are looked into, organic fabric and natural dye will be used to make sure that they are easily recyclable . Also making women feel proud of who the are.

Methods of selling markets and retail stores

Sponsership magazines (franky) and posters, flyers stickers


Inspiring moments

Infused with


* about a girl
* little wing
* little fish
* almost ooh lala
* seek her
* seek
* purpose of muse
* black lase and cherry pie

Katelyn: 3

I am hoping to appeal to the alternative free surfing subculture. Those who enjoy experimental and retro board and clothing designs.
Targeted to males in their late teens to their 40's.
The label would aim to have majority summer range as over the colder months wetsuits replace board shorts.
One environmental issue that is a concern is the use of toxic dyes in the manufacturing process.
Method of selling- retail store
Methods of promotion- Sponsorship of free surfers, advertising in Australian Longboarding Magazine, Monster Children
Most similar to existing brands- Insight, Rhythm, some Rip Curl designs
Style Influences- Music artwork and fashion of the late 60's, early 70's
Brainstorming of names-
*Free Spirit 
free agent
surf pilot
free people
let go
free to move
pure freedom
*Groove and Glide (music and surfing)


describe the sub culture you are appealin to.
im appealin to the surfing culture that is free and fun.
Gender . male 
age group. 16 -30
season. summer  Boardies and shrts an hat. 
winter - jeans hoodies.

what other subcultral influences will be borrowed
um pop arti, modern and also retro groove. and metal

Are  there any enviromental issues

using friendly materials.

Are there any  pollitical or Social Awareness


Describe the personality of surfwear
Colour pallete list

Geographical distribution

Gold Coast Down to Northen NSW

Methods of Selling


Then moving  into retail.

methods of promotion
Sponsoring The Locals Boardriders comps by giving out packs to the finalists.
giving out stickers

Possible Names

Your Brands similar to what existing brands


More importly how is it different

What are the style influences


What the inspiring themes







Miranda - Three: 'What's Your Brand?'

Target Market...

Part of subculture appealing to:
  • Street Skateboarding.
  • Males.
Age Group:
  • 12 - early 20's.
  • Winter (shirts, hoodies, jeans etc).
Other subculture influences that will be borrowed:
  • 'Emo'
  • 'Metal'
  • 'Hardcore'
Environmental Issues a concern? If yes what are they?

Political or social awareness issues? If yes what are they?

Personality of the skate-wear:
  • Different.
  • Though fashionable.
  • Bright yet dark.
  • Contrasting.
  • Scene.
  • Disturbed.
Colour Pallet list:
  • Black.
  • White.
  • Green.
  • Purple.
  • Pink.
  • Orange.
  • Blue.
Geographical distribution (Where abouts?):
  • North-east coast NSW.
Method of selling:
  • Internet site.
  • Ultimately stores (skate shops, alternate 'brand' stores).
Methods of promotion:
  • Posters.
  • Stencils.
  • Magazines (Skate, music).
Possible names:
  • Crime.
  • Kranked.
  • Agro.
  • Acid.
  • Drain.
  • Dark.
  • Damp.
  • Grit.
  • Gone.
  • Mail.
  • High.
  • Anger.
  • Sook.
  • Greed.
  • Grunge.
  • Hobo.
  • Stick.
  • Ghast.
  • Stay.
  • Take.
  • Give.
  • Dome.
  • Vamp.
  • Scene.
  • Twotoo.
  • Roll.
  • Over.
  • Warn.
  • When?
  • Robot.
  • Outrage.
  • Cred.
  • Annoy (Skate and Annoy).
  • Wreck.
  • Zappa.
  • RAN-DOM.
  • RAA-AAH.
  • Grey.
  • Pound.
  • Disturb.
  • Play.
  • Boo!
  • !!?!
  • Rage.
  • Rock.
  • Stealth.
  • Stolen.
  • Monster.
  • Run.
  • Roam.
  • Dandy (Opposite of).
  • Sketch.
  • Alter.
  • Motive.
  • Dye.
  • Plain (Opposite of).
  • Ramble.
Brand most similar to:

How is it different to anything else?

Style influences:
  • Pop art.
  • Cartoons.
  • Comics.
  • Music ('Emo', 'Hardcore', 'Metal').
  • Other brands that are already popular with the target audience.
  • What people wear that stand out to me.
  • The different styles of the target audience.
Inspiring themes:
  • The cartoons that I draw.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

david 2:Companies Who own other labels

Today the surf industry is big multi million dollar companies  big sponsorship deals
and also not forgetting the companies!.

You would be amazed who owns what these days!

check it out!


david 2:Been Readin Other Stuff

Yeah the othe Stuff i have seen is Fantasic, Especially
 with the Quiky book, thats is a great book plently of stuff about the start of the company
to its empire today.

I would suggest everyone read th Mountain and the Wave its a great book.

A must for all people who are interested in Quiksilver.



david2:my mistake

A couple of mistakes in my blog.

Alan Green is the other founder of Quik not Alan gibb

Its Von Zipper
not Zon Zipper



Sunday, March 16, 2008

david2: Surf Eco Dave

7. Who is there target Market are they successful

Their target is open in any age range who are chasing the lifestyle by using their ambassors

ie Laird Hamilton Oxbow, the malloys and Gerry lopez Patagonia in ads and commericals to promote their respective labels these athletes are used to sell the name and marketed

to introduce the public in to these labels.

by using well known people they are well in promoting the market they want to conquer.

david2: Surf Eco Dave

8. What are your favourite examples of branding and why

Quiksilver, there quality is good and like there designs and they have a excellent range.

david2: surf eco dave

6. what are your least favourite brands why!

Some of the American labels u see in Oz there prices are a rip off .

brands that use shitty materials and overpricing that sucks this country doesnt need it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

david 2:logos

No 4 (Cont) By their logos and the colours to give it that distinctive look.

5. What is favourite brands why?

Quiksilver. - Always liked there designs, and its great for them to bring out there retro designs again.

OP. always been a fan of OP i like there designs especially there logos.

RVCA. I like Ruca because of there logos and the range they bring out.

also there designs.

My other favourites are The Realm, Lost, Gotcha,Rhythm,Insight,and Hurley and Analog and MADA

david 2:surf eco dave

3. what visual identity do the above brands use?

The visual identitys that Patagonia use is that they are a enviromentally friendly company .

which uses friendly materials and organic cotton rather than pesticide intensive cotton.

Their visual identity is portayed in there clothes and ads and their fonts to spread the message

That they are an alternative brand using alternative materials.

The identity that Oxbow uses by big graphics and fonts plus advertising their products

so that they create the lifestyle that the person is lookin for.

4. How do the logos reflect there personality

By the Colours and the font.

david2:Surf Eco Dave

Billabong was Formed in 1973 by Gordon Merchant

Their famous slogan is only a surfer knows the feeling,

Billabong is now based worldwide with offices in Asia Europe USA and Australasia

Billabong famous team rider is the legendary Mark Occy Occhilupo

Billabong also acquired Zon Zipper , Nixon watches, Honolua, And Kustom

2. What the alternate less known brands.

1. Oxbow

2. Patagonia

Oxbow is a French leisure wear company which has chosen to invest essentially in Surf, wind surf,Snow Board and Skiing.

david 2:Surf Eco dave

1. what are the dominant Brands?
Quiksilver, Billabong and Rip Curl.

Quiksilver was formed in 1970 by John Law and Alan Gibb in Torquay Victoria.
Quiksilver is based worldwide with operations in Asia Australsia, Europe and U.S.A..
Their team ranges from young Garrett Parkes though to ex world Champ Kelly Slater.
Quiksilver own DC Shoe Co USA. Libtech. Gnu. Fidra golf. Cleveland golf, Raisins and Accessories Company Called Kommunity Project founded by Kelly Slater. and not forgetting Snowboard giant Rossignol

Rip curl was formed in Torquay victoria by Brian Singer and Doug warbrick
started off makin Surfboards then progress into Wetsuits
Today Rip Curl has grown into a multimillion dollar industry their famous slogan is the "Search" "which they use in their products also on the there promotions.
They sponsor the world famous and most prestigious Rip Curl pro held at Bells Beach every year with the top 44 fighting for that coverted bell.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

gabrielle: 2

1. What are the dominant brands?

the dominate brands in surfing are

The Ultimate Surfing Company
Rip Curl is a company for, and about, the Crew on The Search. The products they make, the events they run, the riders they support and the people we reach globally are all part of the Search that Rip Curl is on.

”The Mountain and the Wave”
The story of Quiksilver is the story of an industry born out of a passion for living free and easy, for enjoying nature’s own playgrounds and for creating success on your own terms. It is a story certain to inspire all who ever wanted to follow a dream rather than a routine, and it is a story told here by the people who have lived it, the people who still build their working lives around the surf and the snow.

The Billabong brand is an articulation of youth culture and is best known as a core boardsports and lifestyle brand that appeals to young people (12-20 years old) both male and female.

2.What are the alternative, less known or more obscure brands?

Aztec Rose is a brand for girly surf culture. Fresh and carefree.

Cheetah is another girly surf brand. Both of these surf bands are operated under the Dome Exchange.

3. What visual identity do the above brands use?

Aztec Rose continues to define in femininity in surf and beach wear. The range is an easy mix of casual cool and best swimwear pieces.
Aztec Rose is sold in the major surf swimwear and street retailers in Aus, NZ, USA South Africa and Canada.

Cheetah It is only the only Australian swim brand providing empathetic swimwear soulotions that meet the lifestyle and body shape needs of mainstream women aged 21-30.

4. How does their logo reflect their personality and product?

Both of these brands labels define their taget market and personality with their colour and their font.

5. Who is their target market? are they successful?

Cheetah’s taget market meet the lifestyle and body shape needs of mainstream women aged 21-30.
Aztec Rose has a taret market of 16-19 they look and give off that feel of a product for the younger age group.
I think that they both are successful in reaching their taget market.

6. What are your favourite brands? Why?

My favorite brand for thongs are havaiana I like their range of colours and designs. Their also comfy and I haven’t yet had a blow out.

Another brand I love is Sass and Bide. Their jeans are one of the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe (except for my pj’s).

And my swimmer brand of choice is poko pano.

7. What are your least favourite brands? Why?

My least favoite brand has to be PlayBoy. Their clothes are trashy just like their name. I don’t understand why any girl would want to walk around with the words Play Boy across there bum or chest. The brand name came form the magazine and the emblem “play boy bunny” is what you encourage.

nathan -Snowboard Brand 2

Snowboard brands
Snowboarding has always been like surfing or skateboarding its always about individuality and creating your own style but they are all very alternative, aggressive and stylish with logo brand design. Also there are accessory companies for not only boards but snowboard bindings, jackets, pants etc. Snowboarding was invented in the 60's with a timber board and a rope at the front to hold onto but never really got going untill the early 80's, You'll find pretty every surf brand in the snowboard market because its so huge and fast growing espacially in north america and europe.

Early snowboard brand names
1972 - Winterstick snowboards
1980 - Burton snowboards
1980 - Sims snowboards (made first multi-million dollar deal with vision streetwear to make boards)
1982 - Vans snowboard boots, Morrow snowboards, Palmer snowboards, Lamar snowboards

Snowboard brands of today, Leaders of the sport
Burton snowboards - Multi million dollar company

Surf companies in the snowboard market
Ripcurl,Billabong,Quiksilver(owners of Gnu & Libtech snowboards in Seattle Wa), Ocean & Earth,Volcom,O'niell etc etc.

Alternative snowboard companies
Forum,NItro,Jeenyus,Rome,Gnu,Libtech,Arbor,M3,Capita,Chorus,Lamar,Prior (backyard snowboard company out of Whistler/Blackcomb ski resort near Vancouver,Canada)

What visual identity do the above brands use?
Visual identity depends on the company and there sponsored riders most will use very basic sometimes bright logo design that is easily recognized for snowboard marketability e.g Burton,K2,Forum. Where as other alternative companies might go with a more busy punk/metal style logo e.g Gnu,Lamar,Nitro,Prior. Most snowboard companies are easily recognized by snowboarders as with any sport e.g surfing,skateboarding etc

how does there logo reflect their personality and product?
Agian this depends on the company e.g Burton snowboards uses a square shape with a letter B inside its very basic yet stylish and corporate at the sametime. Burton is one of the most recognizable and rspected snowboard brands in the industry today. Also depending on the persons interests and tastes there is a wide range of styles and personalities from bright floral female designs on boards and clothing(Burton,Nikita or Emily) punk/heavy metal style(Nitro,Lamar) army camoflouge styles like (Analog or Grenade) Clothing

Who is there target market? are they successful?
the target market is so wide and diverse you have kids as young as 8yrs old beginning snowboard lessons, You then have the older teenage market which is huge and worldwide that are into big jumps and terrain parks, snowboard companies target these guys most in every sport. You also have an old school market which are into more big mountain riding, with snowboarding as in surfing you can ride no matter what age so your market market potential is massive and all companies are very successful.

Favourite brands and why?
There are so many good companies out there for snowboards - Burton,Nitro,Gnu,Salomon etc. Jackets - Analog, Planet Earth,Dub. Bindings - Drake,Union,Bent Metal. The list is endless in the snowboard industry that doesnt include small less expensive companies through out north america and europe. My favourite company would have to be Burton Snowboard Co, they make everything you need for snowboarding - Borads,jackets,pants,bindings,beanies,hooded jumpers etc anything you can think of and they make it well, there one of only a few companies that have been going solid since snowboarding started in the 80's. You'll pay alot of money for there products but they last a lifetime and all there products are tried and tested by professional sponsored snowboarders who give feedback on equiptment winter after winter so there gear is always updated.

Least favourite brands and why?
I hate to say this but my leats favourite australian brand is Australian company Ocean & Earth, There a surf brand trying to get into the snowboard market by making cheap outerwear products e.g Jackets,Pants,Gloves,Beanies etc they dont make snowboards and there products aren't very good or warm for sub freezing temperatures accossiated with snowboarding weather. I think they should focus on the surf gear they've always been done.

favourite examples of branding and why?
My favourite examples branding are the basic corporate style logo's with bright colors,artistic features e.g Burton,Forum,Ride,Nitro,Prior snowboards. Nothing to messy or busy.

Visit and go to there art sections and enter artwork or just check out the 50 or so entries from there last competition. Other sites worth checking,,

for more info on boards/artwork etc..

Anna 2:Brands

1. What are the dominant brands?


The dominant brands in the surf skate and snow industry are Billabong, Quicksilver and Rip Curl. These brands depict the surf industry perfectly. Billabong is the most prominent of the three but they all are successfully making a name for them selves.

The target markets for all three of these brands are large, from toddlers to older adults. The main focus for all the brands are young adults, both male and female. This is why I think these brands are so successful, they appeal to every age group, male or female.


2. What are the alternative, less known or more obscure brands?


There are a lot of these brands. They are the ones that have either not been successful or they are content with the size of their company and its cliental.


Some of the smaller brands that have tried to crack the market end up being bought by department stores. Piping Hot, Mango and Lost are an example of these brands.


Brands that are less known that I like are Two Chillies, they design and produce swimwear. Milk and Honey make beautiful clothes and accessories for young women. Le Specs are a sunglasses brand, not so well known but still doing an excellent job.


3. What visual identity do the above brands use?


All the brands have their name written in there own text, some with a logos some with out. But either way they are all easily identified.


4. How does their logo reflect their personality and product?


The brands that target women, their logos and text used are typically feminine and girly. I think they do this so the target market can easily identify the product.



5. Who is their target market? Are they successful?


The target market for these brands are females from the 16 to 25 age group. All of these brands are successful in the way they have marketed their brand for their target. This is apparent in the way that there individual brands and logos have been design to attract the attention of the attended target market. 


6. What are your favourite brands? Why?


My favorite brands aren’t necessarily in the surf skate or snow industries. I like the street wear brands better because of there clothing designs. I thinks that surf brand don’t catch on to what’s in fashion until the street brands have brought it out first.

       Some of my favorites are One Teaspoon, Material Boy, Illionaire and Cassette Society. All of these brands create well made and design clothing.

        One Teaspoon make great clothes for 16 to 25 yr old females. They use lovely fabrics with nice designs that fit great.

       Material Boy designs for boys form 16 to 30 yr olds. The head designer is quite ahead of his time with his clothes and he continues to impress me with all of his collections. Even though this brand is for males all of the clothes are quite androgynous and female are able to wear them aswell.

       Illionaire are quite like material Boy in the way that they both are always a step ahead of the trends but Illoinaire also designs for women.


7. What are your least favourite brands? Why?


My least favorite brands are low quality behind the times surf brands that charge too much for there china made product. Some of these brands include Kustom, Jacks and West Coast Choppers.


8. What are your favourite examples of branding and why?


My favorite examples of branding are Milk and Honey, Illionaire and The Cassette Society. All of these brands use simple but recognisable text. None of them have logos but instead use there brand name as there logo.

       Milk and Honey as well as Illionaire don’t just stick to their one text for there brand names either. They both use their brand in different ways with different texts. I like the fact that they don’t feel the need to stick to one text type and can experiment with different looks.