Thursday, March 13, 2008

gabrielle: 2

1. What are the dominant brands?

the dominate brands in surfing are

The Ultimate Surfing Company
Rip Curl is a company for, and about, the Crew on The Search. The products they make, the events they run, the riders they support and the people we reach globally are all part of the Search that Rip Curl is on.

”The Mountain and the Wave”
The story of Quiksilver is the story of an industry born out of a passion for living free and easy, for enjoying nature’s own playgrounds and for creating success on your own terms. It is a story certain to inspire all who ever wanted to follow a dream rather than a routine, and it is a story told here by the people who have lived it, the people who still build their working lives around the surf and the snow.

The Billabong brand is an articulation of youth culture and is best known as a core boardsports and lifestyle brand that appeals to young people (12-20 years old) both male and female.

2.What are the alternative, less known or more obscure brands?

Aztec Rose is a brand for girly surf culture. Fresh and carefree.

Cheetah is another girly surf brand. Both of these surf bands are operated under the Dome Exchange.

3. What visual identity do the above brands use?

Aztec Rose continues to define in femininity in surf and beach wear. The range is an easy mix of casual cool and best swimwear pieces.
Aztec Rose is sold in the major surf swimwear and street retailers in Aus, NZ, USA South Africa and Canada.

Cheetah It is only the only Australian swim brand providing empathetic swimwear soulotions that meet the lifestyle and body shape needs of mainstream women aged 21-30.

4. How does their logo reflect their personality and product?

Both of these brands labels define their taget market and personality with their colour and their font.

5. Who is their target market? are they successful?

Cheetah’s taget market meet the lifestyle and body shape needs of mainstream women aged 21-30.
Aztec Rose has a taret market of 16-19 they look and give off that feel of a product for the younger age group.
I think that they both are successful in reaching their taget market.

6. What are your favourite brands? Why?

My favorite brand for thongs are havaiana I like their range of colours and designs. Their also comfy and I haven’t yet had a blow out.

Another brand I love is Sass and Bide. Their jeans are one of the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe (except for my pj’s).

And my swimmer brand of choice is poko pano.

7. What are your least favourite brands? Why?

My least favoite brand has to be PlayBoy. Their clothes are trashy just like their name. I don’t understand why any girl would want to walk around with the words Play Boy across there bum or chest. The brand name came form the magazine and the emblem “play boy bunny” is what you encourage.

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stacy said...

in this blog its really about surf, skate labels. whats lacking for you in surf brands and why you do you prefer streetwear brands that have nothing to do with surf skate culture? perhaps your observation is an indicator that surf labels may not be evolving or perhaps your not that surf skate hardcore! either way try to channel your lack of satisfaction with a lot of surf/ skate brands into a positive for YOUR brand!