Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anthony 2:

In the skate industry, there are major companies like globe ( who produce clothing for an international market.

They have a range for Northern America, a range for Europe and a range for Australasia, Globe are not limited to skate as they have a complete surf team and range also. Element ( and globe are both similar in that they use strong bold graphics in their logo. Element Have an interesting icon/symbol as part of their logo which has a lot of content, the bottom part is in the shape of a halfpipe, the broken line on the top symbolises the street, this all circulates a tree which is a symbol of growth. As part of the company information on their website they have a philosophy of earth air wind fire which is a very spritual approach for a company. The lowercase lettering spells youth and almost creates the shape of a skateboard on profile.
Element are not limited to one type of tee shirt, they have a ‘basic tee’ range, an ‘organic tee’ range, a ‘vintage tee’ range, a ‘fashion tee’ range and a knitted tee range, so they are most definitely looking at all the alternatives.

They use sales techniques of putting together collections. The mountain range with the use of that American indian/airbrush style is an interesting concept that helps not limit the brand. By exploring these avenues will catch the eye of a particular consumer which they normally would not.

Elements goal is as they describe “ Is simple, to be the best we could be in the most honest and ethical way possible” they also like to describe themselves as progressive to skateboarding.

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stacy said...

what are the main differences in the product for the different countries?