Thursday, March 27, 2008

anna. 3

        I want my brand to appeal to females in the 18 to 30 age group. My brand will feel unique, pretty, clean, fresh, innocent, and playful. The subculture I am focusing on is surf wear that’s beautiful, casual and comfortable and it will be for both summer and winter.

Although I have chosen surf wear I don’t want my brand to be the typical surf brand that is around at the moment. I want my surf brand to have quality about it, in the fabrics used, the cuts and the overall look will have a higher quality about it for the same price as the current surf brands. My brand will be setting trends and not following them like the surf brands at the moment are doing. I want the women wearing this brand to feel beautiful, pretty and sexy but look sophisticated and inspiring.               The influences I am drawing from are history, beauty,  current social/political issues, comfort  from product and art.

       Environmental issues are a concern, organic materials will be used as much as possible in the manufacturing of the clothes.

Such as organic fabrics.      

I want to address current social issues. The right of free speech, feeling and non conformists. Sort of embrace the things that conservative Australia frown upon. My brand will be socially aware of things happening in the world around it not just that’s relevant to the surf industry. Eg. The current trend in the surf industry is being aware of the environment manly the oceans and sea life. I think that that’s great and relevant to the surf industry but there are so many other issues that can be addressed such as freedom of speech, human rights and power to the minorities. I want to address these issues but I don’t want to do it screaming and waving a flag, I want it to be subtle but still noticeable. 

Colours I will be using will mostly be black gray and white. But I want to use most colours.

        Anywhere local will be my first distribution spot. My method of selling will be at local markets, as well as approaching small boutiques and showing them samples of my clothes. Trying to get the word around locally first then expanding to as large as possible.



Once upon a time

Get fancy

For keeps

Secrets from sisters

Hush hush

Secrets from (insert name eg. Emilio, Sophie)



gabrielle said...

secrets from van hootenban

stacy said...

sin less. keep sake, orphic, mystic, aureate, clandestine, skulk, subversive sisters, soujourner truth, inspire, inhale, sanction, urbane- some suggestions

dave said...

you have some good ideas!

dave said...

i like the name once upon a time

thats sounds catchy!

stacy said...

Once Upon a Time O.U.T abbreviated

Clea said...

Once Upon a Time and the abbreviated OUT would give you heaps to play with typo/graphically. Nice.