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nathan -Snowboard Brand 2

Snowboard brands
Snowboarding has always been like surfing or skateboarding its always about individuality and creating your own style but they are all very alternative, aggressive and stylish with logo brand design. Also there are accessory companies for not only boards but snowboard bindings, jackets, pants etc. Snowboarding was invented in the 60's with a timber board and a rope at the front to hold onto but never really got going untill the early 80's, You'll find pretty every surf brand in the snowboard market because its so huge and fast growing espacially in north america and europe.

Early snowboard brand names
1972 - Winterstick snowboards
1980 - Burton snowboards
1980 - Sims snowboards (made first multi-million dollar deal with vision streetwear to make boards)
1982 - Vans snowboard boots, Morrow snowboards, Palmer snowboards, Lamar snowboards

Snowboard brands of today, Leaders of the sport
Burton snowboards - Multi million dollar company

Surf companies in the snowboard market
Ripcurl,Billabong,Quiksilver(owners of Gnu & Libtech snowboards in Seattle Wa), Ocean & Earth,Volcom,O'niell etc etc.

Alternative snowboard companies
Forum,NItro,Jeenyus,Rome,Gnu,Libtech,Arbor,M3,Capita,Chorus,Lamar,Prior (backyard snowboard company out of Whistler/Blackcomb ski resort near Vancouver,Canada)

What visual identity do the above brands use?
Visual identity depends on the company and there sponsored riders most will use very basic sometimes bright logo design that is easily recognized for snowboard marketability e.g Burton,K2,Forum. Where as other alternative companies might go with a more busy punk/metal style logo e.g Gnu,Lamar,Nitro,Prior. Most snowboard companies are easily recognized by snowboarders as with any sport e.g surfing,skateboarding etc

how does there logo reflect their personality and product?
Agian this depends on the company e.g Burton snowboards uses a square shape with a letter B inside its very basic yet stylish and corporate at the sametime. Burton is one of the most recognizable and rspected snowboard brands in the industry today. Also depending on the persons interests and tastes there is a wide range of styles and personalities from bright floral female designs on boards and clothing(Burton,Nikita or Emily) punk/heavy metal style(Nitro,Lamar) army camoflouge styles like (Analog or Grenade) Clothing

Who is there target market? are they successful?
the target market is so wide and diverse you have kids as young as 8yrs old beginning snowboard lessons, You then have the older teenage market which is huge and worldwide that are into big jumps and terrain parks, snowboard companies target these guys most in every sport. You also have an old school market which are into more big mountain riding, with snowboarding as in surfing you can ride no matter what age so your market market potential is massive and all companies are very successful.

Favourite brands and why?
There are so many good companies out there for snowboards - Burton,Nitro,Gnu,Salomon etc. Jackets - Analog, Planet Earth,Dub. Bindings - Drake,Union,Bent Metal. The list is endless in the snowboard industry that doesnt include small less expensive companies through out north america and europe. My favourite company would have to be Burton Snowboard Co, they make everything you need for snowboarding - Borads,jackets,pants,bindings,beanies,hooded jumpers etc anything you can think of and they make it well, there one of only a few companies that have been going solid since snowboarding started in the 80's. You'll pay alot of money for there products but they last a lifetime and all there products are tried and tested by professional sponsored snowboarders who give feedback on equiptment winter after winter so there gear is always updated.

Least favourite brands and why?
I hate to say this but my leats favourite australian brand is Australian company Ocean & Earth, There a surf brand trying to get into the snowboard market by making cheap outerwear products e.g Jackets,Pants,Gloves,Beanies etc they dont make snowboards and there products aren't very good or warm for sub freezing temperatures accossiated with snowboarding weather. I think they should focus on the surf gear they've always been done.

favourite examples of branding and why?
My favourite examples branding are the basic corporate style logo's with bright colors,artistic features e.g Burton,Forum,Ride,Nitro,Prior snowboards. Nothing to messy or busy.

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