Thursday, March 6, 2008

Anthony 1:

I would like to point my focus on two areas of one industry, Clothing and Textiles

Clothing #1 Banboo body clothing ( have a beautiful range of eco clothing made from bamboo as well as other sustainable materials including hemp.

As techniques improve so do the overall aesthetics or look of the clothing, which is great for style victims. They are a serious company when it comes to environmental ethics. They have an excellent section on their website of information about textiles and the environment.

Even thought their clothing is not specific to Surf/Skate…they could be.

They have a complete range of womenz, menz, childrenz and maternity wear, which has an amazing ability to stretch and reshape.

Textiles #2 Synthetic dyes are way toxic

Natural Dyes ( are an ethical company when it comes to dyes, they travel to remote corners of the world in search of natural pigment. They are a smaller company that could use a major contract.

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