Thursday, May 1, 2008

Food for thought

My initial target market will be those who are interested in fun, vibrancies and chaos of mixing extremes of art culture and boardriding culture together with a ‘fun for life’ attitude. Being from the Gold Coast and surfers’, we will purse a life within surf culture at stage one. Stage two…umm…what’s stage two again ??

The gender will be a bender, between males and females. Dependant on the fabrics and designs hanging around the studio waiting to be reborn again.

• Age group: Come young ones – come all. Who ever digs the vibe. (0 – 100 yrs old)

• Season: Dependant on materials, designs, fabrics and how the artist feels at the time. Summer 2008/09 à onwards. (Limited editions)

Subcultural influences will range from; old Black and white photos, Folk, Rock, Reggae, House, dub, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Stamp collecting, Ray guns, Fruit, Hippy culture, Nirvana, Barcodes, Discarded debris.

There are many Environmental concerns included in the labels determination. The thought process of how to make a T-shirt economically sustainable will be driven by the artist at any possible time or place. Thus we will be collecting visual imagery and word play to better the lives of all ceteans and crustations.

Although it doesn’t just stop once our feet are on soil. We also wish to raise political and social awareness of the happenings around this place we call home. Addressing important issues to the young and old, through visual imagery that catches the eye, and sends out a visual protest.

• Rough
• Exotic
• Romantic
• Estatic
• Happy
• Content
• Calm
• Kaboodal
• Eclectic
• Its not myspace, its Ourspace.

Colour Palette Includes; Every colour of the rainbow! Especially Deep, dark, warm colours and pastels.

The clothing and objects will be distributed through what ever means are possible. Market stalls, Gallery Exhibitions, Cafes, and Internet etc. Although the main idea is to ride the wave against the grain of big brand commodities.
Word of mouth and ‘free’ stickers are a means to distribution and rumors.

• “I’m one Too!” (“I’m a Surfer Too!”)
• cheeseballs
• byronCeaArt
• by-Ron Cea things
• Avant-Surf
• Surfism
• Revival
• The world is your surfboard
• Surf Junky
• Ourspace
• Foamballs

Most Similar To what Existing Brands?
We would like to think this label is totally fresh and new, or it will just decrease our mojo for success. But the most similar brands that are have similar goals as to us, include; Mambo, RCVA, Rhythm, Soulsurfer, tsubi and Rusty. We are different though as we have a blank canvas to work with and bound by a new wave of young artists. We wish to collaborate on ideas and slogans for the new range within our boardroom. We will also be making surfboard art for the abundances.

The style Influences include: Baroque, impressionism, Picasso, figurative abstraction, Bauhaus, Rauschenberg, and the NOW. (The 80’s are over - no fluro, at least for a few years)

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Miranda said...

I agree.. no fluro for atleast a few years. lol

Names I like..
☺ Surfism.
☺ by-Ron Cea things.
☻ Revival.

Names I don't like much..
☻ Cheesballs.. It's a chip brand so pretty much explains itself.
☺ The World is your surfboard.. I think it's too long.
☻ Ourspace.. everything is *insertwordhere*space lately, I also don't think it suits your brand that well.
"Chuck Norris is suing Myspace for taking the name of what he calls everything."