Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nathan-Profile of surf/skate/snow brand

Profile of a surf/skate/snowboard brand

My aim will be to appeal to the surf subculture in the male and female category, age range would vary but mainly targeting teenagers but also 8yrs up to 35yrs. Marketing would be all year round consisting of many options, The subculture influences would come my own personal involvements over the last 10yrs which is Surfing,Punk,Heavy Metal,Emo,Snowboarding and current design trends eg. 80's syle clothing and music. 

I would also try to promote eco-friendly products and manufacturing eg. factory surroundings nd interior to be eco friendly and energy saving.

My political and social concerns would go towards anti political views in artwork, The brand would me a mixture of individual style and colours

Color palette list - Black,White,Bright pink,Bright blue,Red,Bright green,Brown.. also seasonal colors

Geographical distribution would be Australia wide at first then eventually global.

Methods of selling would be retail marketing/Internet website/sponsorship advertisement eg. on surfboards,snowboards,t-shirts etc/event advertisement/ give aways eg. stickers with website details, t-shirts,baseball caps etc.

Methods of promotion would be incorporated as mentioned above to save money and time eg. surf/snowboard competitions/give aways/event sponsor,advertising/internet website etc. 

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