Saturday, January 26, 2008

Which surf skate snow subculture interests you?

Membership of subcultural groups, whose ideas and lifestyles are at variance with those of the dominant culture, is usually dominated by the young. For some it is fleeting and forms a rite of passage, others move through a series of subcultures, and some remain committed to one, long term. Belonging to a subculture can be liberating, offering, for example, certain freedoms in lifestyle, sexuality and politics. By defining their own geographical, social and sartorial boundaries, subcultures also provide a sense of belonging which is independent of the family. 
Style is central to subcultural identity, and clothing and body adornment are the most visible emblems of membership signifying loyalty to kindred spirits and exclusion to the world at large.
It is perhaps ironic that subcultural styles - which have so often emerged as an iconoclastic alternative to high fashion - have come to exert such a dominant stylistic influence upon it, especially during the first half of the 1990s. The energy and authenticity associated with 'the street' have become highly desirable, and fashion designers are not aione in seeking to exploit these valuable qualities. Fashion's focus is, of course, upon clothing and adornment, rather than rooted in ideas and lifestyles.
Read the above excepts from an article and research a subculture of your choice.

Within the sub culture exists a range of specialisation eg in the skateboarding subculture there is street skating, vert, half pipe and many more. within the surfing subculture there is women, grommets, longboarders, shortboarders, tow surfing, body boarders and kite surfing to name some

Research all graphic design applications that are relevant to your subculture- the symbols. the language, logographics, typography, illustration, animation, magazine layout, clothing,
posters, flyers, advertising etc. Use the internet, books and journals for this
illustrated 500 word report for .

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